Safety Pedestrian Swing Gate from GUARDSMITH®

Model # GS-GATE

The Guardsmith® Safety Pedestrian Swing Gate incorporates two spring-loaded hinges that automatically close to prevent accidental entry into protected areas.

Guardsmith® pedestrian swing gate is manufactured as an accessory to the Guardsmith® and Notchguard® series of industrial guardrail.

The swing gate is powder-coated safety yellow and incorporates rubber stops to assure quiet operation.

The swing gate can be mounted left or right swing and the length is adjustable from 33″ to 48″. Each swing gate includes all adjustment and mounting hardware.

Optional safety and message signs can be mounted on the swing gate with sheet metal screws.

The swing gate is not rated for impact resistance like the Guardsmith® & Notchguard® industrial guardrail and should not be relied on for crash protection.

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