Facility Engineering Guardrail

Facility Engineering, once known as Plant Engineering, is the professional design, engineering, and maintenance of structural facilities. Today, the term encompasses more than processing and production plants, with facility engineers bringing their multi-disciplinary training to offices, schools, hospitals, museums, and more.

Wherever safety guardrail is an architectural specification, Herwin Safety, Inc. stands ready to serve with:

At Herwin Safety, Inc. , we set the standard for industrial guardrail architectural specifications, offering 10,000 lb at 4 mph rated safety guardrail to increase personnel and asset protection.

Our Guardsmith® product includes single and double rail posts, lift-out brackets, and optional base plate configurations to meet your guardrail needs.

Serving the Guardrail Needs of Facility Engineers

Herwin Safety, Inc. is a member of the National Safety Council. Our quality, highly visible (safety yellow powder coated) guardrail helps improve workplace safety in a variety of settings, from industrial and warehouse complexes to hospitals and schools.

Many facilities install Guardsmith® guardrail barriers in critical operating areas to protect people and property from forklifts.

If you have questions about the guardrail specifications for your project, plan or design, contact Herwin Safety, Inc. and speak with a guardrail specialist. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions and assist in suggesting an economical guardrail layout.

Contact Us today to learn more or call 1-800-868-5438 in US and Canada, 1-724-446-2000 International, or email us at sales@herwin.biz.