Stop Fork Encroachment with Notchguard® Industrial Guardrail.

This unique, patent-pending industrial safety guardrail helps prevent accidental damage caused by forklifts encroaching under the rail.
Road guardrails are spaced at bumper and fender height to accommodate cars and trucks.  Most industrial safety rail, like our own Guardsmith® product line is spaced like this also.

We found that many of our customers had problems with forklift damage to products protected by standard industrial guardrail.  We developed the patent-pending Notchguard to solve that problem.

Notchguard® is different. The bottom rail on Notchguard® is designed to prevent the forks attached to a lift truck from protruding through the rail, causing product damage.

Forklift industry safety guidelines say the forklift operator should travel with the forks in the lowest possible position. Operators conforming to these guidelines travel with the forks 6” to 8” off the ground. Notchguard® barriers help prevent these forks from encroaching on product stored on the other side of the rail.  In addition, this rail configuration prevents encroachment of straddles on stackers from getting under the rail.

Notchguard® industrial safety rail is easy to install with common tools such as wrenches, sockets and hammer drills. All fasteners are included even the floor anchors and simple installation instructions are included with each order.

Notchguard® uses the sturdiest posts in the industry. Each post is manufactured from 5” x  5” square tubular metal welded to a 10” x 10” baseplate. Each rail is designed to assure structural stiffness to meet the 10,000 lb. at 4 mph breakthrough rating when installed in proper concrete depth.

All posts and rails are painted powder coated safety yellow.

Three Ways to Order:

  • CALL TOLL-FREE at 800-868-5438 in US and Canada or International 1-724-446-2000. Our sales personnel will be happy to answer your questions and will confirm the order, payment terms and shipping date.
  • ORDER ONLINE with the form on the Notchguard page. Simply fill out the quantities desired for each item. Fill in the contact information and click the Submit Button. We will contact you to confirm availability, payment terms, and shipping date.
  • DOWNLOAD AND PRINT the free worksheet. Complete the customer information. Using the grid, draw a layout of your project (including dimensions and other facts such as rail height). Fax a copy to 724-446-0988 or scan and email to  We will evaluate your needs and develop a economical material list for your project, price the order, provide an estimate of freight costs with lead time, and fax a completed quote back to you within one business day.

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