Welcome to Herwin Safety, Inc., the parent company of Palletsmith® and Guardsmith® -your trusted source for safety solutions in materials management.

Unrivaled Industry Proficiency

At Herwin Safety, we are the pioneers in pallet trucks and on-floor safety messaging. Not just a distribution center, we are material handling experts dedicated to engineering, designing, and building products and solutions to meet industry requirements. We are proactive in developing products to meet new industry needs. One of our stellar inventions is the Stop N’ Hold pallet truck chock, designed to assist you in adhering to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Cargo Securement Rules.

Commitment to Excellence

The assurance of outstanding customer service and superior products at Herwin guarantees the dependability you seek. Our team of experts will guide you meticulously through the process to spec and quote your job and assist you in purchasing. Conveniently located in southwestern Pennsylvania, our administrative offices and warehouse ensure a speedy delivery of products by common carrier to 35% of the United States population within one business day.


Our Palletsmith® pallet jack line includes everything from standard models to ultra-low profiles, offering a hand pallet jack to meet every application. Our commitment to quality first is reflected in our standard hand pallet jack that comes with a 2-year hydraulic pump and handle warranty and top-tier technical assistance. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, parts support, and quality service.

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Our pallet jacks, powered by a high-quality, simple pump, demonstrate remarkable reliability even in freezing temperatures.

Fleet branding: At Palletsmith®, we understand the value of brand representation; hence, we offer the opportunity for your Pallet Truck Fleet to do the same. Opt for our pallet jacks powder-coated in your company colors and have your company decals affixed to the frame.


Planning a guardrail system for your warehouse can seem daunting.

We offer guardrail products that enhance the safety of your manufacturing plant or commercial facility. Our powder-coated yellow guardrails, ideal for indoor use, serve as a powerful visual and physical barrier, protecting your people, equipment, building, and product.

We strive to make it easy for architects and specifiers to plan new guardrail installations using our Engineering Product Specifications. Our guardrail components are designed in accordance with NBC, AISC, and CSA standards listed in §13145.3.

Our Guardsmith® Lineup of Products Includes:

Guardsmith® Guardrail is ideal for indoor use. Create walkways and protected areas on your plant or warehouse floor. Yellow industrial guardrail can be used to protect everything from sensitive electrical equipment to in-plant office walls and wire cages in your warehouse.

Notchguard® Guardrail prevents forklift damage. Operators conforming forklift industry safety guidelines travel with the forks 6” to 8” off the ground. Notchguard’s unique design prevents these forks from encroaching on product stored on the other side of the rail.

Exteriorguard® Guardrail is intended for outdoor use. With the assurance of a 1000 hour salt spray test, you can be certain that Exteriorguard® will stand up to harsh outdoor environments while protecting your building, equipment, walkways and more. (Featured in DC Velocity and Safety + Health Magazine)

Find Your Materials Management Partner in Herwin Safety

Choosing Herwin Safety as a business partner provides companies involved in materials management and warehousing a significant advantage. We are more than a distribution center; we are experts in material handling and on-floor safety messaging. Herwin Safety has a history of pioneering industry needs, such as developing products like the Stop N' Hold pallet truck chock to comply with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's Cargo Securement Rules.

Our commitment to excellence ensures outstanding customer service and superior products, guaranteeing the reliability you require. Our skilled team will guide you meticulously through the specification and quotation process and provide assistance with purchasing.

For any assistance or to update your personal information in our database, please call us at 1-800-868-5438 or email your request to sales@herwin.biz.