Watch the Displayguard® LED Display Video


Industrial Safety Features

  • Enhance safety with highly visible LED moving message signs.
  • Deal with emergencies
  • Contact workers with your custom safety message
  • Status of shipments
  • Manage forklift traffic
  • Improve warehouse safety
  • Report Production Order Status
  • Communicate instantly with employees
  • Motivate employees
  • Page employees and visitors
  • Direct delivery vehicles
  • Welcome visitors

Patented Industrial Safety Electronic LED Display

Displayguard® moving message signs are a patented industrial safety electronic LED display.  Contact Herwin Safety, Inc. to learn more about how Displayguard®:

  • Combines a protective steel guardrail housing with a highly visible, computer controlled LED display.
  • Connects to your existing guardrail to display industrial safety information in real time.
  • Moving message signs readable at up to 200 feet by floor personnel and mobile equipment operators.
  • Use your 110 volt AC power supply and computer or router connection.

Contact Herwin Safety, Inc. today to learn more about Displayguard.®  These durable and computer controlled moving message signs can help you improve industrial safety and communications at your facility

Serving Industry and Government

The patented Displayguard® industrial safety LED display, manufactured by Herwin Safety, Inc. , was created to enhance workplace safety in industrial, commercial and government complexes, warehouses, and depots.  When observing the operation of our LED displays, manufacturers, material handlers, contractors, and floor operating employees can readily appreciate the unit’s durability, ease of use, and visibility.