Architectural Solution for Forklift Safety

Today, architects and facility engineers are focused not only on the structural integrity of warehouses and loading facilities, but on creating a foundation for operational safety.

Buzzwords like Six Sigma and 5S represent a change in operational philosophy, and Herwin Safety, Inc. is at the forefront in working with architects to provide the best in guardrail safety systems.

  • Six Sigma. Removing the cause of defects and errors includes preventing a forklift from crashing into a CNC milling station or damaging stock ready for shipment.
  • 5S. Maintaining a visual workplace includes clear channels of product flow through your warehouse and shop environment. Highly visible, safety yellow, powder coated guardrail aids in providing visual as well as physical barriers.

Guardrail Built with Forklift Safety in Mind

At Herwin Safety, Inc. , our steel safety guardrail products include lift-out brackets, single and double rail posts, safety bollards, and optional base plate configurations to meet your guardrail needs. All safety rail sections and posts are pre-drilled, with all the required fasteners and other necessary hardware included with each shipment to facilitate the simple and rapid installation.

Many facilities install Guardsmith® guardrail barriers in critical operating areas to protect people and property from forklifts and material handling vehicles.

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