Guardrail Engineering Specifications

For Architects, Specifiers, Designers, and Planners

We have provided the engineering specifications needed for your plans and designs. Use the word documents or PDFs as needed for your planning documents and specifications.

Example: Guardsmith® post baseplates shall be made of (10” x 10” x ½”) material welded to HSS (5” x 5”) tubular ASTM 500 Grade C metal. Height of posts shall be 44” for double high rail and 18” for single high rail. Posts shall be pre‐punched to accommodate ½” diameter fasteners. Posts shall be designed to accommodate various rail heights.

For more detailed, engineering product specifications, please select the documentation your need below:

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Exteriorguard® Engineering Specifications



Serving Industry and Government Worldwide

Guardsmith® industrial guardrail, Exteriorguard® yellow outdoor safety guardrail, and the patent-pending Notchguard® industrial safety guardrail from Herwin Safety, Inc. improves workplace safety in industrial, commercial and government complexes, manufacturing plants, warehouses, and depots.

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If you have questions about the guardrail specifications for your project, plan or design, contact Herwin Safety, Inc. and speak with our guardrail specialist.  We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.

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  • We will evaluate your needs and develop an economical material list for your project, price the order, provide an estimate of freight costs with lead time, and fax or email a completed quote back to you within one business day.